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Collaborative workshop held in Barcelona

Superyacht crew and industry professionals attend hands-on workshop in Spain

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On the 3rd and 4th April, 75 motivated members of the sailing community attended an Ocean Changemakers' workshop run by ocean advocate Emily Penn at OneOcean Port Vell. Crew from Awatea, Odessa, Alfa Nero, Triple 777, Titan, Elixir, Burkut, S, and Jaguar joined industry professionals from Y.CO, Evolution Yachts and MB92.

After an introduction to the issue from Emily, the group was encouraged to have an open and collaborative conversation around the subject. Everything from refusing single-use plastic to choosing different materials for uniforms was discussed, utilising the interests and skills of each of the people in the room.

The day also included a 'Waste Art Project' competition, where attendees created art from items collected on a beach clean earlier in the day.

This Ocean Changemakers' workshop was held in partnership with 11th Hour Racing.

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