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Olympians Ocean Workshop

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In Palma, Spain, on 27th March 2018, Emily Penn ran an Ocean Changemakers workshop with the British Olympic Sailing Team. This workshop was run in association with 11th Hour Racing. It was a fantastic opportunity for the high-profile sailing team to explore how they could eliminate single-use plastic in their personal and professional lives. 

Solutions discussed by the group included replacing disposable water bottles with refillable ones, installation of water fountains at events and fitting support ribs with a system to prevent waste blowing overboard. However, it was also recognised that the reach of Olympians can go much further than this. It was explored how, as elite athletes, they have the opportunity to put pressure on kit suppliers to provide more sustainable options, which could have a wider impact on sustainable options in the mainstream market and the perception of sustainable products.

To find out more about Ocean Changemaker workshops, visit our Workshops page. For more information on 11th Hour Racing, visit their website.

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