• In the Field

    I want to be a citizen scientist, and collect data at sea and on the coastline...

  • Data Collection

    Discover how you can collect and record data

    Apply Your Skills

    Utilise your specialist skills to fight ocean plastic

  • Data Collection

    Collect and send data into larger projects

    5 Gyres

    Borrow a trawl and protocols to collect data on marine plastic pollution, to raise awareness about this important issue, and contribute to a more robust global dataset.

    Marine Debris Tracker

    Download this app on your phone and log the pollution you see or pick up anywhere in the world. This supplies vital data to a global database.


    Make your own trawl with easy to obtain materials for qualitative, rather than quantitative, analysis of the presence of plastic.

    ​Adventure Scientists

    Collect water in a bottle and send it to Adventure Scientists to be analysed for microplastics.

    Secchi Disk

    The ocean's phytoplankton that underpin the marine food chain are altering due to climate change. You can collect data to help understand how and why.


    iNaturalist is an online platform where you can share your biodiversity observations with fellow naturalists and discuss your findings. You can join a current project or start your own, and the data is shared with scientific data repositories

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