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    Cambridge University Green Challenge

    One of the easiest ways you can influence your organisation and their awareness of single-use plastic is by carrying our a simple waste audit within your working environment. This easy-to-follow guide from Cambridge University Green Challenge will give you the tools to carry out the audit and ideas on how best to communicate the findings.

    The Plastic Bank

    The Plastic Bank creates social and environmental impact in areas with high levels of poverty by turning plastic waste into a currency. You can then buy their collected and recycled ocean plastic to use in your products. Contact The Plastic Bank through the link for more information.

    Forum for the Future

    The purpose of this publication, created by Forum for the Future, is to provide an introduction to techniques that enable non-financial (ie environmental and social) considerations to be integrated into traditional financial accounts. This is particularly focused on Higher Education Institutions.

    The Sigma Project

    This guide from The Sigma Project brings together many different approaches to using monetised information for sustainability. At present there is no one comprehensive methodology and in practice organisations are focussing on different individual elements.

  • Organisation Pledges and Accreditations


    #OneLess is supporting organisations and communities to go #OneLess and champion a new refill culture, where using a refillable water bottle is the new norm and where throwaway, single-use bottled water is a thing of the past.

    Kids Against Plastic

    Kids Against Plastic are working with cafes to reduce their plastic footprint and swap single-use for non-plastic alternatives. Where this isn't possible they are encouraging the promotion of reusable alternatives. Cafes can then become 'Plastic Clever' accredited.

    Straw Wars

    One of the most pervasive items of single-use plastic is the ubiquitous plastic straw. Straw Wars is a UK-based movement designed to promote bars, clubs and restaurants who are eradicating plastic straws or only providing them when they are asked for.


    Sign your business up for the OneLessStraw pledge and commit to only giving out straws if they are requested for, at least, the next 30 days!

    Surfrider Foundation

    The Surfrider Ocean Friendly Restaurants' programme offers restaurants an easy way to show their commitment to making sustainable choices for our ocean. Registration as an official Ocean Friendly Restaurant is a paid option, but you can view their quick guide to being ocean friendly here.

    B Lab

    Join a global community of organisations with one aim: to create business for good. The assessment includes everything from environmental impact to diversity in your workforce to value created in the community. Added bonus, the online assessment is free to use – you only pay if you decide to certify.

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