• SHiFT Sessions

    Events designed to empower aspiring ocean ambassadors

  • SHiFT Sessions with Emily Penn

    Join an intimate group of aspiring changemakers to explore the role that you can play in helping to solve the ocean plastic problem. Whether you are planning an ocean adventure or have an opportunity within your community to make an impact, this workshop with ocean advocate Emily Penn will help you identify how to apply your skills to combat plastic pollution, as well as equip you with effective tools that you’ll need to take action.

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    Keep an eye on the list of events here: emilypenn.co.uk/shift

  • Example Agenda


    The Facts

    What we know about ocean plastic pollution and its impact on our planet


    Spectrum of Solutions

    Explore the potential solutions to plastic pollution and discover where you can make a difference


    Take Action

    Practical steps and approaches to your plastic action plan. Includes a “using your voice for the ocean” session

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